Quote: Dear Mr(s) Kemo…

Dear Mr(s) Kemoe Hopscotch

Thank you for letting us see
your poem. We have a
backlog at the moment and so
we are returning it to you. Good luck
with your writing.



parole terms
2nd ed.

Vortex soul, myriad of allworthy aptronyms. Moment! Yes!
Formal aesthetic distance. Praxis.

Couplet sensibility. Saussure?
Marmoreal. Horizon of expectations? Écriture.

Episodic structuralism and pageant? Yes. Metanovel? No.
Conceits, metaphors, feminine endings hypermeter. Show

enjambement. An attribute of realism. Remember
you must die. Decentre! Why? You ask why? Reader-

response criticism (Chicago critics?) and choral characters
as per tradition. (I am an unreliable narrator.)

Orate! “Writing of whores! Stimulate appetites!
Unveil! Denote! Discourse! Imagine fist fights!”