Quote: Dear Jaclyn, …

Dear Jaclyn,

Thank you very much for your work on my behalf and your great patience. The light and warmth that radiates from you is wonderful to behold – long may it shine. I count myself very fortunate to have spent this time in your company. Over the weeks and months my regard and affection for you has increased manyfold, at times to the point of confusion. I will miss you, and when the opportunity presents itself I will be pleased to wonder how you are and to sing your praises.

Oh look, fuck it, this is bullshit. One is forever on the brink of being foolish and leaning forward and risking one’s heart. To be in the room with you is to struggle with myself, to struggle with the truth that the client has one therapist to fall in love with and the therapist has any number of clients to sit with and guide towards illuminations. The therapist is guarded and the client must abandon his cautionary instincts. How fair is that? I want you, dammit.

But anyway, here’s hoping all your roads unfold kindly for you.

Very best wishes
Kemoe (Hopscotch)


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